Beginner Photography Course


This short photography course is aimed at total beginners who own a Digital SLR camera and want to unpack some of it’s amazing features. Up to 6 others students may be in attendance or if you prefer please see my 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 courses. Scroll down for reviews!

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Participants will learn how to operate their cameras in manual mode, make correct exposures and understand the basic’s like aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

During the Beginners DSLR Photography Course you will learn:

  • Metering – the most important function of your camera
  • ISO – photo sensitivity explained in clear, jargon free terms
  • Focus – an introduction to this elusive and deceptively tricky area of photography
  • Lenses – an in depth exploration, and how camera lenses can help add more creative control to your digital photography
  • f-stops – how to get the desired exposure using a combination of shutter speeds and f/stops

If you have little or no prior knowledge of how your camera works in full manual mode then this course is for you and we introduce lots of hands-on practical sessions as well.
If you are unsure at all, or want advice please do give me a call, email or contact to discuss your requirements.

About the Tutor:

Paul Lawrenson is a working photographer who has been teaching students with little or no knowledge of modern DSLR’s for over 5 years.
He has a wide range of photography specialisms and regularly has his photographic work published in the national press.

This photography course normally runs from:

First weekend of the month, please call for more details

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 4 reviews

"I feel empowered! I am excited to try everything I have been shown. Thank You!"

by Anne Luckett on Beginner Photography Course

“Excellent, explained so easy to understand at a level for an amateur”

by John Galley on Beginner Photography Course

“Having just upgraded to a DSLR, I would not have been able to understand all the applications by just reading the instructions, these classes have been informative fun and been taken by a very very good and experienced teacher. Thank you for your time and effort Paul. My photography skills are improving all the time. I would recommend you to all”

by Nerina Peak on Beginner Photography Course

"If you want to learn how to use your DSLR camera then Paul is your man – would definitely recommend him!"